Planting Hope in Central Africa
Planting Hope in Central Africa 

Pasture and Livestock Program

Improved Pasture


Different kinds of pasture grasses and shrubs are being established with the goal of evaluating which varieties do well under Central African soil and weather conditions, under mixed grass conditions, and under the grazing patterns of different types of livestock.


Livestock Improvements


Improved breeds of cattle, goats, sheep, fowl, and fish are being introduced to CEFA for evaluation of productivity, disease resistance, and hardiness.




Planting areas are being set aside for growing out plants with known medicinal value for treating various livestock ailments. 


Veterinary Care


An area is being designated for the treatment of Fulani cattle in the area, with the hope of possibly setting up a veterinary clinic. The main emphasis of the veterinary work will be placed on teaching Fulani cattle herders better methods of disease diagnosis and treatments.




Fish ponds on the CEFA property will serve as model ponds. Stock ponds with high quality fish will be used to distribute to local fish farmers. 

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