Planting Hope in Central Africa
Planting Hope in Central Africa 

CEFA Training Center and Village Extension

The Centre d’Expérimentation et de Formation Agricole (CEFA) reaches out in compassion to the whole person, both spiritually and physically, through the ministry of agricultural development in Central Africa. 

In 2010, the CAR national government generously gifted 1,000 acres of savannah woodland. This land now has been developed into acreage for pasture, gardens, field crops, orchards as well as forest for the preservation of the natural environment. As experimentation takes place and successes are identified, local partner farmers (those who have shown interest in CEFA’s activities, having participated in field days, etc.) are invited to participate by taking the success they have learned at CEFA and trying them on their own farms, with the help and guidance of CEFA’s extension staff. These partner farmers are organized by area into co-operatives to help facilitate the extension process, to provide a means of support and encouragement for the experimental process and to give a forum in which to share information concerning their successes and failures. It is through the building of these relationships, with the blessing of God’s love, that these co-operative members then help to transform their communities.


As ideas at the center become adopted in the local area, new ideas will surface; ideas generated by local farmers and by resource groups such as universities, research centers, and training centers like ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization CEFA provides qualified national and expatriate staff to manage the center’s activities and trained extension staff to visit partner farmers and their communities. 

CEFA’s activities are centered around three core program areas:

Another area of interest is appropriate technology which involves useful and locally manufactured machines, tools, and other implements that can help the efforts of the small farmer in C.A.R.


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