Planting Hope in Central Africa
Planting Hope in Central Africa 

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The mission of the CEFA (Center for Experimentation and Formation in Agriculture) Foundation USA is to support CEFA (Centre d’Experimentation et Formation Agricole) Central African Republic (CAR).  CEFA reaches out in compassion to the whole person, both spiritually and physically, through the ministry of agricultural development in Central Africa.


CEFA is a Christian, not-for-profit non-government organization (NGO) that expresses Christ's love by partnering with local Central African initiatives in fighting hunger and chronic malnutrition. CEFA’s goal is to improve food security in the region by increasing the quality and quantity of nutritious foods produced by small farmers. CEFA is situated strategically, in the southwest of CAR, to conduct agricultural research and extension relevant to small farmers.


Specifically, on-station research, relevant to small farmers in the Central African Republic and Cameroon, takes place without risking the livelihoods of the village farmer.  This experimentation includes the introduction of new or improved varieties of crops, such as beans, cassava, and fruit trees, as well as animals, including poultry, fish, and livestock.  Improved methods of farming, such as cover cropping, row planting, and composting are tested out.


CEFA is a training center for farmers of all tribes, including Pygmy and Fulani. Housing and meals are provided for seminar participants as they learn about how to improve their farming practices.  Seminars might be just a one day session, treating a specific subject, a week long period that includes several subjects, or a longer term internship.  Principals are learned through demonstrations and hands on work, as well as in a classroom setting.


Most importantly, CEFA is an integrated extension program that facilitates farmer to farmer contact out in the villages. CEFA’s major objective is to help interested farmers form co-operatives so that, as a community, they might achieve food security through capacity building.  The goal is that the partner farmers will take what they have learned in seminars at the CEFA farm, and as they have successes on their own farms, they will share this with their neighbors.  Through these relationships, God’s love is spread and individuals help to transform their communities.

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Helping Central Africans Achieve Food Security Through Agriculture


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